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2021 Plein Air Winners/Gallery

Paint My Place Winner's

Gabrielle_Barber_Paint My Place.JPG

Gabrielle Baber- Skeet Real Estate -Winner-
Gabrielle came from Lake St. Louis Missouri and painted a beautiful rendention of Skeet Real Estate in water color.

Wanda_Greene_ Purchase Award Church.JPG

Wanda Greene- Sacred Hearth Catholic Church -Winner-
Wanda came from Kansas City, Missouri and painted a wonderful view of the Sacred Heart Church.

Denny_Dowdy_Paint My Place 1 and 2.JPG

Denny Dowdy- Kane Family Farm & Lynch Farm -Winner-
Denny Dowdy from Kansas City, Missouri, wowed the crowd again with his amazing watercolor paintings.

Donovan_Blake_Purchase Award State Bank.JPG

Donovan Blake- First State Bank ---Winner-
Donovan Blake- A watercolorist from Lee Summit, Mo, produced a beautiful painting of First State Bank and Trust.

Paint Out Winner's

Cathy_Kline Nocturne Purchase Award.JPG

Cathy Kline- Moon Over Tonganoxie -Winner-
Cathy from Riverside, Missouri, captured the quaintness of the quiet sleeping town in the paint out Thursday Evening.


Jackie_Smith Tonganoxie 2nd.JPG

Jackie Smith- Essence of Tonganoxie -Winner-
Jackie Smith-Overland Park, Kansas, won the Essence of Tonganoxie category with her painting of Downtown Tonganoxie.

Gabrielle_Barber_Paint My Place 3rd.JPG

Gabrielle Baber- Moore-Summit Cemetery -Winner-
Gabrielle walked away a 2nd time winner with her painting of Moore-Summit Cemetery!.


Denny_Dowdy_PMP and Best of Show.JPG

Denny Dowdy- Best in Show Winner
Denny Dowdy poses with all three of his winning photos. The photo in the middle, a view looking down fourth street is this year's Best in Show. This painting will be available to purchase as a print next year!

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